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International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

Principles of Healing from Trauma Teaching the Integration and Healing of Traumatic Life Situations

From Collective, Generational and Family Trauma
To Individual Trauma and Beyond

On­line 2021:    Janu­ary 8   •   Janu­ary 29   •   Febru­ary 19

In this in­­teg­rat­ive and multi-dis­­­cip­lin­ary ap­­proach to trauma you will learn to re­­cog­n­ize and di­f­fer­­en­ti­ate the multi-layered tapestry of trau­mat­ic ex­­per­­i­ences.

Trau­mat­ic situ­a­tions in early or later phases of life can lead to a pro­tect­ive with­draw­al or to the dis­­t­or­­tion of real­ity. These con­­di­­tions have a strong in­­­flu­ence on the form­ing forces of the per­­son­al de­vel­op­­ment and the cop­ing mech­an­ism of how a per­­son lives the daily life. Trau­mat­ic ex­­per­­i­ences are then often be­­com­ing un­­re­­cog­n­ized ‘frozen pat­terns of his­t­ory’.

These pat­terns man­i­fest on the emo­­tion­al, so­mat­ic and cog­n­it­ive level. This pro­­gram sup­­ports you to in­­crease our ca­pa­­city for:
• har­­mo­n­i­ous self-reg­u­la­­tion,
• se­­cure at­tach­­ment,
• deep con­­tact to yourselves and
• the nat­ur­al free ex­­­pres­­sion of your life-force.

Work­shop 1:  Janu­ary 8, 2021

Trauma Ex­per­­i­ences and their Ef­­fects on the

Body, Psyche and our Fields of Life

Trau­mat­­iz­a­­tion and Trauma - Found­a­­tions for a com­­pre­hens­ive un­­der­­stand­ing of Trauma

Work­shop 2:  Janu­ary 29, 2021

The So­­cial Brain
Ex­pand­ing the Realm of Under­­stand­ing

Every per­­son is part of a so­­ci­ety, fam­ily, pro­fes­­sion, in­­sti­tu­­tions, re­li­­gion, tra­di­­tions, cul­ture, and other sys­tems. There­­fore, we also have to re­­cog­n­ize the so­­cial  and col­lect­ive di­­men­­sions of trauma and its im­pact on a per­­son’s life.
The sur­viv­al on our plan­et is not any more de­ter­m­ined just by phys­ic­al power, but by em­path­ic listen­ing, com­mu­n­ic­a­­tion and by unit­ing our in­­tel­li­­gence for the well­be­ing of all life.

Work­shop 3:  Febru­ary 19, 2021

The Co­her­­ent Self
The Practice of Co­her­­ence en­­­ables you to re­­con­­nect and strengthen your Ground of Being, to sta­b­il­­ize your field and to be able to give dir­ec­­tion to your thoughts and en­­ergy in life.

This in­­teg­rat­ive ap­­proach to trauma hon­ors the es­­sence of a per­­son as an in­­her­­ent qual­ity and at­tends to the per­­son’s pro­­cess with pro­fes­­sion­al know­ledge, care, re­search, com­­pet­ence, in­­tu­i­tion, em­pathy, mind­­ful­­ness and pres­ence. - so that we can unite our qual­it­ies and forces, cre­ate and cel­e­b­rate our com­munity and ad­dress and sup­­port our per­­son­al life, our so­­ci­ety, eco­­­logy and the en­­vir­on­­ment and strive for peace and free­­dom.

Join people on the path of En­ergy, Love and Con­s­cious­­ness and ex­­plore Mind­­ful­­ness, Body-Aware­­ness, Em­path­ic Shar­ing and Listen­ing, Per­­son­al Pro­­cess­ing, short lec­tures, Med­it­a­­tion and more - from the in­­di­vidu­al to col­lect­ive di­­men­­sions, from Neur­os­­cience to Quantum Phys­ics.

In the En­ergy, Love and Con­s­cious­­ness Pro­­gram™ of Core Evolu­­tion® you learn to un­­der­­stand and over­­­come per­­son­al, gen­er­­a­­tion­al, and col­lect­ive re­stric­­tions - you step into Self-Em­­power­­­ment and Mind­­ful Pres­ence™ and fully live the di­­men­­sions of En­ergy, Love and Con­s­cious­­ness.

To strengthen re­si­li­ence, em­pathy, com­­­­pas­­­­sion and the wis­­­­dom of the Body-Mind we offer down to earth tools:
• to ad­dress Devel­op­­ment­al Trauma and the lar­ger Trauma Mat­rix
• to open the Body - Brain - Mind - Re­­sponse Cycle
• to reg­u­late our body- and nervous sys­tem and memory-in­­teg­ra­­tion;
• to reach a place of co­her­­­­ence;
• to stay in con­­­­tact with one­­­­self and the love for life;
• to act from a sense of em­bod­i­­­­ment and pres­ence and inner lead­er­­­­­­­ship;
• to con­­nect, com­mu­n­ic­ate and find the place of com­­mon good for all life.

In Core Evolu­­­­tion this takes place on the phys­ic­al, emo­­­­tion­al, cog­n­it­ive and spir­itu­al / con­­­­s­­­cious­­­­ness level and ul­ti­mately leads to the heal­ing of In­di­vidu­al, Fam­ily, Gen­er­­­­a­­­­tion­al and Col­lect­ive Trauma.

In­teg­rate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Fu­ture™

Never in his­t­ory have we been con­­­­s­­­ciously and tech­n­ic­ally so con­­­­nec­ted on this globe as now. This is where the present chal­lenge can also be­­­­come a great op­­­­por­­­­tun­­­­ity for trans­­­­form­a­­­­tion in which every­body can par­ti­­­­cip­ate - in­­­­di­vidu­ally and col­lect­ively.

It takes re­search, ex­­­per­­­i­ence and prac­­­tice, to raise the aware­­­ness of how we hold pat­terns of our per­­­son­al his­t­ory and the col­lect­ive con­­­s­­cious­­­ness in our Body-Mind Field. This pro­­­cess of re­­­cog­n­i­­­tion and in­­­teg­ra­­­tion is com­plex. This is where the in­­­­teg­rat­ive, body-ori­en­ted and mind­­­­ful­­­­ness-centered ap­­­­proach of Core Evolu­­­­tion has been of­fer­­­­ing sup­­­­port now for over 40 years.

In the En­ergy, Love and Con­s­cious­­ness Pro­­gram™ of Core Evolu­­tion® you step into Self-Em­­power­­­ment and Mind­­ful Pres­ence™.

Early re­­gis­tra­­tion dis­­­count: The fee for all three work­shops to­­geth­­er
(each sem­in­ar is 2 hours and 45 minutes)

Euro 105.- or US $ 118.- if re­­gistered and paid by Decem­ber 20, 2020.
After Decem­ber 20, 2020 the en­­roll­­ment fee is: Euro 129.- or US $ 145.-

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