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Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

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Sat, 21 March 2020 - Sun, 22 March 2020
Zagreb | Croatia

Beyond the Trauma Live Your Essence

Core Evolution Trauma Therapy and Yoga

with: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D. and Nina Vukas

Overcoming Trauma Through the Wisdom of Your Body

Core Evolution and Yoga are both scientifically recognized methods for raising somatic awareness and processing, resource activation and healthy regulation.

Neuroscientist and Trauma researcher B.v.d. Kolk emphasizes how body-oriented Psychotherapy and Yoga can in a safe way increase Mindfulness and the contact with areas of our body in which we still hold traumatic events.

Practicing the Matrix of Grounding in Core Evolution allows the client to stay present, while recognizing sensations or images, that could be triggers to activate a developmental or shock-traumatic situation again. Yoga can offer a clear and consistent form to tolerate the inner experience.

We will also address the neuroscientific basics of bilateral brain-body balancing, limbic system impulses and trauma axis integration, regulation of the vagal tone and other related areas to harmonize the social engagement system, as well as the flow of a whole body breathing. This opens the way for safe but effective and powerful interventions for healing.

The safety developed in this new ground of being, will affect the structuring of emotions, feelings, thinking and the way a person communicates with others and the world.

Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D. taught Somatic Psychology and its approach to Body-Mind Trauma Therapy at the JFK University, Chicago School of Psychology, Esalen, a.o., and over 40 years the body-oriented approach of Core Evolution to practitioners worldwide.

Nina Vukas is an experienced international Yoga teacher with extensive trainings in Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga with further trainings in body- and trauma-oriented Psychotherapy. She is the Founder of the Integral Vinyasa Yoga method in which she developed her unique synthesis of an expanded Integral-Somatic-Prana-Flow; giving her a wide range of experience and knowledge to modify Yoga for the Trauma-Healing Process.

Dr. Gerken and Nina Vukas are teaching the integration and healing of traumatic experiences. They collaborate to develop a Yoga and body-oriented approach for the work with Trauma, that offers effective and scientifically proven tools for transformation that you can use directly in your own life or practice.

This highly experiential and self-exploration oriented teaching workshop is for all participants who are interested in body-oriented therapy and for Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners.
This is also an intensive introduction to an extended Core Evolution Trauma Therapy and Yoga Program beginning Summer or Fall of 2020 (3x 3 days). A curriculum will be available at the workshop.

Date: Saturday, March 21, 2020 (10.00 to 20.00) + Sunday, March 22, 2020 (10.00 to 17.00)
Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Fee: Euro 235.-
Teaching will be in English

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