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Sat, 05 November 2022 - Sat, 05 November 2022
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Love, Light, Consciousness and the Search for Truth Beyond the Brain

Scientific Medical Network Conference

with: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP

Near Death Experience, Extraordinary Perceptions, the Human Energy Field, Shamanic Dimensions, Meditative Experiences in States of Non-Duality, Bio-Photons, Organismic Reactions to Information from Beyond the Brain and the Holographic Universe.

Since his first conscious perception in life of greeting the sun at birth and his NDE when he drowned with 5 years old, and his commitment to come back to ‘bring light into people’s body’, Dr. Gerken lived with a knowing, that there is more than contemporary science could explain.

As a down-to-earth body-oriented, trauma-informed and Mindfulness-centred Psychotherapist he knows about the realm of interconnectedness between body and brain. However, his expanded practice of Transpersonal Psychology made him also clearly aware of the limitation of this realm. Besides that, life presented and still presents him with continuous Extraordinary Perceptions, Shamanic Dimensions and Meditative Experiences of Non-Duality that deeply motivates him to bridge spirituality and science with his research into the Human Energy Field and Bio-photons that he conducted with Acupuncturists, Medical Practitioners and the late world renown physicist and researcher on biological light, Prof. F. A. Popp.

Dr. Gerken will share some of his experiences and research in this comprehensive lecture, culminating in the exploration where does Mind and Awareness come in as participatory forces to connect to the larger field of Consciousness – the totality beyond space-time and with that also beyond the brain.