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Living the Pulsation of Life

Integrate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Future

International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

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Fri, 28 October 2022 - Sun, 30 October 2022
Tallinn | Estonia


How to Sustain Your Pulsation of Life in a World of Conflicts and Crisis

with: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP

The Integrative, Body-Oriented, Trauma-Sensitive and Mindfulness-Centered Core Evolution approach to Embodiment, Personal Development and the Power of Love

• Applied Principles of Mindfulness
• The Matrix of Grounding™ and the strengthening of Coherence
• The Pulsation of Life and the unfolding of Love, Energy and Consciousness
Energy, Love and Consciousness are Fields of Life that we all are part of.
Every moment and every event in your life takes place in these dimensions:

• Initiating the Healing of the Body-Mind Field
• Embodied Consciousness, Mindful Presence and Global Awareness
By realizing that we are all connected in the larger field of existence, we also recognize that individual feelings and global coherence are directly connected - and that to answer today’s global questions of health, prosperity, environment, justice, peace and freedom, it is necessary to bring feelings and coherence into harmony.
The survival on our planet is determined by our capacity to unite our intelligence for the well-being of all life - individually and collectively.
In Core Evolution we offer ways to practice Presence and Coherence, to encourage the free flow of pulsation and expression, and support you on the path of healing and to align the Will of Your Heart.
This workshop will be in English with translation into Estonian.

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